Email this key Vs. Apply to this student

Once we have receive payment and allocated the access keys to your account you will have 2 options.

Email this key: This allows you to enter your employee's email address to send an access key via email. This email will contain all instructions for the employee on how to create their account and complete the courses provided by you. 

Apply to this student: This will allow you to look up your employees by name or ID number and add the new course(s) to their existing account. This option allows the employee to keep the same ID number and photo. They will just have to complete the new course(s) and pass the assessment(s).

If you have used the Email this key button, you'll see the email address you have sent the key to is showing in the Allocated To column. You'll also see an option to Reset this key. 

Clicking Reset this key will clear the email address the key has been sent to, allowing you to send it out to another user. You will not be able to reset a key that has already been used.