I can't print my temporary certificate

To print your temporary certificate you need to login to your account. On the left hand side you will see a menu.

Click on 'Print Temporary Certificate'. You will need to save this to your computer. Then you will be able to print it.

As an alternative, we have recently released an App for iOS and Android which you can install and use in place of your temporary pass. For more information on the App and how to install it, see this article.

If you cannot see 'Print Temporary Certificate' as one of your options, it is possible that you have not completed the required course(s) or passed the assessment(s). You may have to do more than one course.

Your employer may have accidentally only given you access to the 'Food Handling' course. You will also need to complete the 'Store Induction' course. This is a requirement for everyone to get a Safe In-Store Pass. Please contact your employer and let them know that you need the 'Store Induction' course added to your account.

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