I can't print my temporary certificate

To print your temporary certificate you need to login to your account. On the right hand side you will see a menu.

Click on 'Print Temporary Certificate'. You can save this to your computer as a PDF and then you will be able to print it.

If you cannot see 'Print Temporary Certificate' as one of your options, it is possible that you have not completed your course(s) or passed the assessment(s). You may have to do more than one course. 

You are required to complete the 'Store Induction' course. If you have only been given you access to the 'Food Handling' course please contact your employer and let them know that you need the 'Store Induction' course added to your account.

If you have completed your course, please ensure you have also uploaded a photo. You will need to upload a photo before your temporary pass becomes available.