Wear your pass / Replacement slips & clips

Safe In-store Passes must be worn

Make sure you wear your FGC Safe In-Store Pass when you are in store. It's really important that store managers and their staff can easily identify who are in store from suppliers at any point in time and the Safe In-Store Pass is a great way of helping them. It also gives store customers confidence that they know who is working in and around the aisles.

Replacement clips and slips

We have had a some feedback that Passes are not being worn because the clips or the slips (not to be confused with slips, trips and falls) have been lost or broken. If this is the case, please get your manager to get in touch with us by phone on 09 970 3270 or contact us at https://safeinstorepass.co.nz/public/home/contact/  and we'll arrange to send a supply of new slips and clips out immediately. There might be a small cost but if you are on the north shore of Auckland and want to drop in and pick a few up, just let us know and we can sort you out for the cost of a smile.