Lost card

If you have lost your card then you will need to order a replacement card.

There is a $25+GST charge for a replacement card which will be delivered to you once payment has been cleared in our account. 

Please login to your account on our website  https://www.safeinstorepass.co.nz/Public/Default.asp
Once logged in you will see a button 'Order a replacement' on the right hand side in green. This will take you through to the payment of your card online.

You will then be able to print out your temporary certificate. 

Alternatively you can make payment of $28.75 into the account below.

Account Number:    12-3109-0047463-000
Account Name:        Intuto NZ Ltd
Particulars:               (your Safe In-Store Pass ID number here)
Code:                        Replace

If you have any problems or need your password reset let us know at  https://safeinstorepass.co.nz/public/home/contact/