I haven't received my card yet


  1. Have you uploaded a photo? You can check this by going to the ID Card tab in your Profile

You will also be able to tell if this is the case as this screen will pop up when you login

Have you finished all your courses? 

You will be able to check this by going to your Profile page and selecting Enrolments. Then click View Progress and then the Assessments tab on the top (DO NOT go off the View Progress/Lessons page itself, this may show 100% however this is only for the course pages themselves and not the test).

Have you passed all your assessments?

To check this please see the Profile> Enrolments> View Progress> Assessments steps as shown above.

Did you provide us with the correct address?

Please double check your address by going to your Profile page. Your Details should be the first tab to open up and your details will be editable

If you are unsure and can't login to your account, email us at help@intuto.com with your request and we will help you. If you have been sent a tracking email then we have already sent out your card. Please get in touch with Fastway Couriers with your tracking number to find out where your card is.

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