Safe In-Store Pass App

As part of the ongoing development of the FGC Safe In-Store Pass, we have released a new App to the Android and iOS App Stores. The App will confirm the validity of compliance for the few days between requesting the Pass and the hard copy of the Pass being delivered (e.g. It replaces the Temporary Pass). 

Please note the hard copy of the Pass will continue to be supplied and is still required to be displayed while in store once your temporary pass has expired. The SISP App is not a replacement for your Safe In-Store Pass card but is an alternative to the existing printable temporary pass you may have used in the past. Both the printable temporary pass and the Safe In-Store Pass App will now be accepted when entering a store before your card has been delivered to you.

Should your Temporary Pass (printable or App) come close to expiring and you still have not received your card, please email our support team at to make sure it gets delivered to you on time.

Links to the Apps can be found below. You will need the following details to be able to login to the App:
- Safe In-Store Pass Number
- Email Address you registered your Safe In-Store Pass with

iOS App StoreAndroid Play Store

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